Weekly Tip: How Can I Use Blank Reports?

This week’s post focuses on a useful feature of My Day Web App, the Blank Reports. We made sure to include Blank Reports as a feature in My Day Web App in case you’d ever want to print blank copies for use by a long-term substitute. Also, you can use blank forms with other teachers or team members so they can collect data during their time slots. Finally, connections to the Internet fail. Having a master copy of each student’s report ensures that you can still take data until the Internet connection is restored. As a teacher, I know having a backup plan is critical. That’s another reason including Blank Reports on My Day Web App was so important.


A Blank Report


Blank Reports are also useful to show students when discussing schedules, their objectives, or anything else you’d like to share with them. Students can also use Blank Reports if they need hard copies to take on field trips or just need hard copies to keep with them; some students need that tangible item with them at all times as a visual reminder of their goals. Discussing progress and self-monitoring is very motivating for students. My Day Web App can help facilitate these discussions.

These are just some of the ways Blank Reports can be used. I encourage you to email us or comment on how you use Blank Reports to fit your needs.

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My Day Web App is a web application designed to collect and help you analyze powerful classroom data that can be used to make powerful decisions for your learners. It was designed for teachers by a teacher and her software developer husband (aka Bright Egg, LLC). Visit us on our blog, website, Twitter, or Facebook for more information.

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