New Feature: Customized Reporting

It’s that time of year when you gather with friends and family to think about and enjoy everything you have to be thankful for. Here at My Day Web App, we are thankful for many things, including our awesome users.

One of our users recently suggested we customize our Daily and Summary Reports to include only the time slots and goals you want to report on for each student. We thought this was a great idea! For example, if you are communicating about a student’s accuracy when reading, you don’t need to also report on other academic or behavior goals when you create your report. With our new update, you can customize which time slots and which goals for each individual student show up on the final report. Simply click on the Customize button near the top right corner of the student’s Daily or Summary Report and uncheck the time slots or goals you’d like to hide.



Click on the Customize button.





Uncheck the goals and time slots you want to hide from your report.


Any notes for time slots you choose to hide will also be hidden from the final Daily Report. Also, the data totals will be changed to only calculate the total percentages for all time slots and goals still visible. We are really excited to be able to bring you this helpful update, and we hope it makes your data reporting even easier!


We are so thankful we can help you streamline your data collection, reporting, and analysis every day. As a teacher, I know using data to inform instruction is essential, but it has to be easy and convenient. Thanks for choosing My Day Web App to help make that happen. You all are the best users with the greatest ideas. We take every suggestion seriously because we know that you know what you need and want. You all are your own best advocates, so keep those comments and suggestions coming.

Happy Teaching,



My Day Web App is a web application designed to collect and help you analyze powerful classroom data that can be used to make powerful decisions for your learners. It was designed for teachers by a teacher and her software developer husband (aka Bright Egg, LLC). Visit us on our blog, website, Twitter, or Facebook for more information.

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