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Bright Egg, LLC is the company behind the powerful data collection service, My Day Web App. It was started by a husband and wife team, Ben and Sara, looking to make a positive impact on the technology field, especially in the area of education.

Why educational technology? Sara is a teacher, and she wanted technology to better help her in her classroom. She saw an immediate need for technology to assist with data collection. Often Sara spent hours analyzing pieces of data from different sources and then manually calculating benchmark percentages. This seemed extremely inefficient. She wanted a tool that would make data collection easier, help discover data patterns to improve her teaching, and conveniently share her knowledge with others. Sara approached her ultra-talented software developer husband, Ben, with this need. Jointly they created what is now My Day.

Bright Egg, LLC is committed to helping make the lives of teachers and school staff easier, integrating technology into education, and improving student achievement through the collection and analysis of powerful data.

Bright Egg

More about Sara

Sara has been a teacher for nearly a decade. When she is not teaching, Sara enjoys expanding her knowledge, painting, playing board games, baking, and rereading her collection of Jane Austen novels. She also thinks miniature horses are adorable.

More about Ben

Ben has been a software developer for almost ten years. When Ben is not writing new code, he enjoys reading about the latest technology and science news, playing board games, and eating his wife’s delicious bakery. Ben also enjoys anything related to Star Wars.

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