About My Day Web App

We at Bright Egg, LLC understand that collecting and analyzing student data is not always quick and easy. In fact, we know this because one of us is a teacher who has to collect data every day and use this information to make important student-centered decisions.

We want data collection and analysis to be easier and faster. That’s why we’ve created My Day Web App–a simple web application to collect academic and behavioral data in your classroom. No more tedious number crunching; instantly calculate collected data. Examine this information for patterns to help increase student performance by making powerful, data-driven decisions. Run reports and share them with parents, other staff, and even students via email. Worried about the environment? My Day Web App can be completely paperless if you so choose. Here are some other valuable features of My Day Web App:

  • Use My Day Web App from any device with Internet access anywhere at any time
  • Collect data via tablets, laptops, or other mobile devices–no more hauling big binders or misplacing paperwork
  • Customize My Day Web App to meet the needs of your students and your objectives
  • Ensure safety and confidentiality using password-protected, secure cloud storage
  • Foster and enhance communication within and between home and school
  • Save valuable time by using automatic calculations for RtI reporting, progress notes, report cards, et cetera.
  • Print blank data collection sheets for substitutes and other staff
  • Use as an electronic point sheet

Want to know even more? Check out our web app for more powerful things My Day Web App can do for you at mydaywebapp.com.


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