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Weekly Tip: How to Efficiently Enter Student Information

Today’s blog tip will focus on how to efficiently set up your students’ information on My Day Web App. If you’re like me, often many of my students share similar class schedules. When we created My Day Web App, it was

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Weekly Tip: Setting Up Your Time Slots to Include Specialists

Welcome to My Day Web App! Ben and I are so excited you decided to join the My Day Web App community, and our goal is to make data collection and analysis simpler. We know our app can help you

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Student Data Privacy 101

These days, information is shared more often and faster than ever. We live in a time when something is posted online and it goes viral in a matter of hours. Ensuring the privacy of student information is extremely important for

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New Feature: Customized Reporting

New customized feature for Daily and Summary Reports.

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Weekly Tip: Making Your Data Visual

Sometimes we all need a visual. This week’s tip focuses on using the Trend Charts feature of My Day Web App, which allows you to instantly display your data in a chart. I find My Day Web App’s charts especially

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Weekly Tip: Everyone Needs a Backup

Whether it be a substitute or another option for dinner, having a plan if something goes wrong is always a good thing. Backing up data is no exception. Hard drives can be fussy, which is why My Day Web App uses

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Weekly Tip: Getting the Most Out of Your Data

Data analysis. I know it sounds terribly boring and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be (at least not if you use My Day Web App). Analyzing data is probably the most crucial part of ensuring student achievement. As teachers,

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